With many years of experience in the car industry with car sales and more recently servicing.

Ben & Adele are not only business partners but also husband and wife, whose joint passion for all things car related shines through when you visit Cherub Autos.

Ben & Adele buy, sell and service classic, modern classic, performance and prestige vehicles, as well as organize restoration projects and manage mechanical rectifications. Their real passion and area of expertise however is Bentley cars, and in recent years the business has focused more and more on this area. 

Ben's passion for cars started when he was a young child, visiting motor shows with his Dad and collecting as many car manufacturers posters as he could carry.

At 18 years of age, he experienced purchasing his first vehicle an Alfa Romeo, some would say not the most practical or sensible of cars for a young driver, but for Ben the noise and charisma of an Italian motoring icon was hard to resist.

Adele's passion for cars began when she was only 13 years old, when she purchased a classic Mini, with money given to her by her Grandmother. The Mini she bought wasn't in the best of condition and needed lots of work, just as well really as she wasn't even old enough to drive! But she loved to tinker on it during weekends with the help of her Dad.

Ben and Adele pride themselves with being honest with their customers and always point out the negatives as well as the positives of owning and running performance, classic and unusual cars.

Their love for automobiles and automobilia always shows and old customers will often pop by, just to look at the latest auto curiosity or just to chat about all things car related.

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